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The results of your Energy & Life Satisfaction Assessment plus your 1:1 coaching calls with Coach Marlena Cole will uncover what’s missing in your life and reveal your unique path to sustained joy and happiness in life.

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Traditional personality assessments don’t go into the hidden parts of your life. The Energy & Life Satisfaction Assessment does. It reveals your thoughts, feelings and philosophical beliefs about every area of your life. That’s how we’re able to identify the root cause of your dissatisfaction. In your follow-up 1:1 coaching call with Certified Master Life Coach, Marlena Cole, you’ll be able to use insights from  your assessment scores to create your own personal map to fulfillment in less than 2 hours!

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Are you tired of feeling that nothing you do or accomplish ever brings you lasting satisfaction? Then this assessment & coaching package is right for you. Get started now to get the clarity you need.

Get a 360 View

Discover things you never knew about yourself in 60+ areas of your life

See What's Missing

Pinpoint what's causing you to feel dissatisfied with laser-like accuracy

Get Answers Fast

What would take you a lifetime to figure out on your own, happens in 2 hrs

Take the Easy Path

Create your personal map to lasting joy. No stress or struggle required.

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3 Steps to a More Empowered & Excited Version of You

Move from the back seat to the driver’s set of your life.


Take the Assessment

You’ll receive a private link to complete the Energy & Life Satisfaction Assessment to see what’s happening in all aspects of your life.


Access your Private Coaching Calls

You’ll receive a link to schedule 2 calls with Coach Marlena to unpack the results of your assessment and reveal all that’s hindering & helping you in life.


Uncover your Map to Fulfillment

On your second call with Coach Marlena, you’ll create your personal map for becoming the woman who continuously holds joy & peace while pursuing her life goals.

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About Coach Marlena

Marlena Cole is a Certified Master Energy Life Coach. She helps ambitious women find their true power and create the emotions and experiences that lead to them living their BEST life. Coach Marlena is known for using the dynamics energy as a backdrop to guide her clients into new levels of awareness so they can maximize their potential.

want to experience sustained happiness in your life?

Well it all begins with the Energy & Life Satisfaction Assessment and Your Personal Coaching call